The Value of Coaching

By: Coaching Coordinator

Want to be a better manager or leader?

Hire a coach.  But not just any coach.

Below is a list generated by a group of bank managers who participated in a series of individual and group coaching sessions with Jan Bolick.   Each one was asked to anonymously share his/her answer to the question:  What was the value of  your coaching sessions with Jan?

  1. It was great support.
  2. It was great structure.
  3. It helped me define specific behaviors needed.
  4. It it forced me to review progress toward goals.
  5. It helped me make progress.
  6. It prodded me to do things faster.
  7. It challenged me to really think about delegation.
  8. It helped me delegate more and more effectively.
  9. It helped me do more coaching without giving up personal time.
  10. It was helpful to sound things out.
  11. I got my frustrations out.
  12. It was great to get a 3rd party perspective.
  13. It was helpful to hear words/language to use with employees and /or customers.
  14. It was helpful to role play potential solutions.
  15. It helped me develop managerial skills.
  16. It gave me new ideas.
  17. Very helpful as a new manager needing to develop new skills.
  18. Good to sit down and review goals and issues.
  19. Good to have the accountability.
  20. I learned specific techniques.
  21. Got great ideas for sales meetings.
  22. It helped me to do a monthly business plan, individual meetings and get our performance posted on the wall.
  23. If I hadn’t had the coaching sessions, I wouldn’t have done these things.
  24. It was a pain – but worth it.

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