Leaders Who Looked for Help

By: Coaching Coordinator

Here are four real life leaders (with different names of course) who looked for help and got it.

This was Jane’s story.

  • I have some big, important goals.
  • I’m working way too hard.
  • I’m not accomplishing enough.
  • My staff isn’t accomplishing enough.
  • Sometimes I wonder if they care.
  • I’m “all over the place”.
  • I’m tired and stressed.
  • This is no fun.
  • Why am I doing this?
  • I feel way out of balance – way out of control.

Lala was not as stressed but is every bit as concerned about how to manage her team’s performance.   This was her story.

  • Our company has been very successful.
  • Largely because of working so hard to take care of our clients.
  • I’m proud of that.
  • But lately things have been falling through the cracks.
  • There is much more work to do.
  • I’m worried we are losing our “touch”.
  • We have a great future if we can just do the right stuff.
  • But – I’m all over the place.
  • If I’m all over the place, I’m sure they are too.
  • I feel out of balance and out of control.
  • I wish I had more confidence.
  • I need someone to help me get focused on the right things, so I can help them do the same. 

Molly said:

  • I like being in charge.
  • I ask my staff members for input on many things.
  • But sometimes it isn’t appropriate to do that.
  • Like when I need to sort through priorities, resolve a staff issue, brainstorm an idea that I’m not ready to share with people “inside”…the list goes on and on.
  • I could ask a friend or family member – or an investor.  But…
  • I need an objective sounding board.
  • It could help me push through issues more confidently.
  • That would give me energy and confidence.
  • And if I found the right person, it could be a lot of fun!

This was Ashley’s story:

  • The economy has hit us hard.
  • I tried not to but ended up having to reduce staff.
  • I absorbed much of the extra work. 
  • It’s hard to give the same care I gave to everyone (clients and staff) before.
  • I feel out of balance and out of control.
  • When the economy does bounce back, I’m worried we won’t have the capacity.
  • I worry a lot.
  • I wish I had a plan or something that would give me more confidence that I’m doing the right stuff.

Each of these leaders:

  • loved her work (or did at one time).
  • wanted to grow her business.
  • was willing to work hard.
  • wanted to enjoy herself.
  • wanted to grow personally and professionally.
  • wanted to help her team do the same.
  • wanted a positive work environment with high productivity and morale.
  • realized that she needed greater balance, control and confidence as a manager in order to make this happen.

We helped each of them:

  • take charge in more effective ways
  • make things happen
  • and inspire others to do the same

Contact Jan about the possibility of working with you as your coach.

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