Jan Bolick

By: Coaching Coordinator
August 15, 2010

Jan Bolick

Jan is the founder and owner of Business Class.

She believes that work should be enjoyable – even fun – especially since most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else.

It drives her mad thinking about all the people who don’t enjoy their work.

From personal experience, backed by research, she knows that the most frequent reason people dislike their work is because of their leader or manager.  And that is the reason Jan chose to specialize in working with leaders to develop a take-charge, make-it-happen, inspiration style of leadership.

The result is improved morale and productivity.   Team members are more engaged.   And overall performance is higher.  It’s a win-win-win-win for everyone.

Some links of interest:  Coaching Programs and Clients.

In addition to a lot of passion about this,  Jan has thirty-plus years of experience in the business world  –  as a salesperson, manager, executive, coach, volunteer, trainer and business owner.

She also has a business degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and the following coaching certifications:

The above coaching certifications required 230  hours of classroom work, 40 hours of practice coaching and 800 hours of paid coaching hours.

From looking around on this site, you will see that Jan hasn’t stopped exploring and learning.  One of her favorite pastimes is interviewing business leaders –  looking for stories she can share with Business Class clients and subscribers.  Jan says:

“I learn new things every day and love sharing these lessons and insights with others.   It’s an absolute thrill for me when I hear that someone read, heard or saw something  – on our site,  in a retreat, workshop, or individual coaching session – that caused a shift or aha that enabled them to do their work better and enjoy it more.    Which usually enables them to take charge in more effective ways, make things happen and inspire others to do the same.”


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