10 October-Only Morale & Productivity Boosters

By: Jan Bolick
September 30, 2010

The foundation of good morale and productivity is hiring the right people.  Yes – don’t hire grumps.  And the people must have clear roles, responsibilities, expectations and goals.  And they must receive training and coaching which includes feedback, direction, support and recognition from a trusted manager or coach.  

If these aren’t in place, this article is NOT for you.    Instead, use some of the other resources on this site that will help you get your roles and goals clear and get everyone headed in the right direction.   

If you do have all of those things in place, take a look at these October only ideas for putting this quote to work.  In some cases, you may feel like a fool.  Your teammates may roll their eyes.   But they will laugh too.   And that will lighten the load, break the tension and maybe even bring people closer together. Not just today – but down the road as they think about or talk about the day that ___________ (fill in the blank).  

1.  October 1  –  World Smile Day. Celebrate by posting one of the quotes below.  Follow up toward the end of the month with a smiling Jack.      

2.  October 4 – Techies Day. Take your IT person or staff to lunch and promise you won’t ask for one piece of computer advice during that hour.  

3.  October 11 – National Kick Butt Day. Offer  free kickboxing classes to those who reach their sales goal for that week or month. 

4.  October 11 – Columbus Day. Discover something new at your next staff meeting by having each staff member reveal something about themselves that is unknown. This is a great way to get your staff talking.   End with these inspiring words from Happy Columbus Day.         

5.  October 13 – Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.      Invite everyone to bring a teddy bear from home and tell a story for a bit of discovery like that mentioned above for Columbus Day.  And/or  organize a teddy bear donation (new ones only) for area hospitals, local shelters or upcoming toy drives.    

6.  October 15 – National Grouch Day.  If the teddy bears didn’t get the grouch out of everyone,  have a grouch session as an agenda item for your staff meeting.   For ideas on this, see #6 in 10 Ways to Get & Keep the Grump Out.       

7.  October 18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Okay, need we say more?  


8.  October 30 – Haunted Refrigerator Night.  This one had us a bit stumped in terms of ways to celebrate.  Fortunately Sue came up with a great plan….since this falls on a Saturday, have everyone bring one outdated item in their refrigerator to the staff meeting on Friday.   Gross…yes. Funny…absolutely. Give a bottle of 409 and a roll of paper towels as a prize.   Anyone who forgets to bring something wins clean-out-the-office-fridge duty.   On Saturday – take everyone to a local haunted house.  


9.  October 31 – Halloween, National Candy Corn Day & National Caramel Apple Day.   Bring in the ingredients to make caramel apples. You’ll feel like you’re at the State Fair.    

10.  And then we have the entire month of October to celebrate:    









Positive Attitude Month – We got off to a good start with World Smile Day, right?  Keep those posters up (from below) and if you need additional reinforcements, visit the Quote Library and smiling Jack.  


Warning – Before you begin, re-read paragraphs 1 and 2. 


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Share one or both of the quotes with your team.  They are available for download (printable and as wallpaper for your computer) in the “Serious About Service” section of our Quote Library.

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