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If you have been on this site for long, you already know  that we are devoted to boosting morale and productivity in the workplace.

There’s a selfish reason behind it.  Jan Bolick, the founder of Business Class, can’t stand working in places where morale and productivity are low.  And it makes her mad and sad that others have to endure it.

The good thing is, they usually don’t endure it for long because they quit.   Good for them.  Not good for the organization.

Highly productive, positive and engaged  work teams are better for everyone.   They are happier.  They produce  better products more efficiently.  Customers are happier.   Which generally means better revenue and profit.   Which makes the owners happier.

It’s a win in all directions.

So when we work with leaders, we focus on things needed for top morale and productivity.

  1. Having a clear mission.
  2. Being passionate about it.
  3. Having a clear vision.
  4. Being clear on values.
  5. Clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  6. Hiring the right people.
  7. Initial training and continued training – using bite-sized bits every week – if not every day!
  8. Defining goals and expectations.
  9. Having a plan that supports the achievement of these goals.
  10. Measuring progress and performance.
  11. Coaching team members through and over obstacles to success.
  12. Celebrating success.

It takes a lot of effort and energy to get all of these things in place but when they are in place,  a leader’s job is much easier.

And we make it easier with our Leadership in a Box Coaching Program.

Contact Jan to find out more.

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