Welcome to Notre Dame

By: Jan Bolick

Time for football.  Hope you will join me in this walk down memory lane and then keep walking with me to help create cool new memories for visitors to the Chapel Hill area (and other college towns).


A few years ago,  Art, Ryan and I went to South Bend, Indiana for the Carolina/ Notre Dame game.
When we checked into our hotel, the desk clerk said, “Welcome to Notre Dame”

We went out to eat and the hostess said, ” Welcome to Notre Dame.”

The parking lot attendant at the game greeted us with, “Welcome to Notre Dame.”

Volunteers manning the crosswalks said, “Welcome to Notre Dame.”

Workers in the campus bookstore and the students selling hotdogs said, “Welcome to Notre Dame.”

It was a simple message. Delivered consistently and sincerely.  And it was quite impressive.

I left there wishing visitors got the same reception at Carolina.

Our first football game is on Saturday against Elon University which is in Elon, North Carolina.

Let’s greet their fans – the Elon Phoenix in maroon and gold – with a smile and a warm “Welcome to Carolina”.   If you run a business in town, ask your staff members to do the same.  Put up signs that say Welcome Elon Fans.

This is a great opportunity for us to show real southern hospitality – for us to make Chapel Hill an even more special place to visit.

If that’s not reason enough for you… a carload of fans drove in from Virginia, saw two restaurants across from each other and chose the one with a sign on the door that said, “Welcome Virginia Tech fans”.

To the manager they said, “We weren’t sure we’d be welcome here at all. It was nice to see your sign.”

Wonderful!  They had just  gotten in to town and already felt welcome to Carolina!

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Ready-to-print signs:






Go Heels



For best results:

  • set “Preferences” to “landscape”.
  • print and cut in half as shown by cut lines.
  • print on white paper, preferably recycled.
  • print in color.
  • print responsibly.

Problems with link to Elon signs? Try this.

Problems with link to Go Heels signs? Try this.

Welcome signs for future games are available at:  SignsForGameDay.biz


See Also:  10 Ways to Get the Most from Game Day

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