Hoppin’ Idea for This Week or Next

By: Jan Bolick
March 27, 2012

If you’ve had the pedal to the medal, pushing hard to make sales quotas, production schedules and tax deadlines,  I  encourage you to take a break for a morale and productivity boosting bit of nonsense. If you need an off the wall, hoppin’ idea…this one certainly qualifies.

Several of the seventeen divisions of The Village Companies (now called VilCom,) in Chapel Hill, NC  used to have an an annual Bunny Toss. Everyone was invited to bring one of those hollow chocolate bunnies that come in a box.  The event was held on the lawn of McClamroch Hall (offWeaver Dairy Road)  where bulls eye targets had been drawn on big boards.  The goal was to throw your bunny and hit the bulls eye. There were prizes for coming closest to the target;  and for smashing your bunny into the most pieces.

Seems to me it could have been called a Bunny Bash.

At this point, no one can remember what the prizes were;  they just remember that they had a Bunny Blast.

If you don’t have time to pull this off before Easter,  that’s okay.  After Easter may be even better because everyone can buy bunnies on sale.

While it is certainly one heck of a silly idea….


in the words of philosopher,  Ludwig Wittgenstein:

If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.

What kind of silly things go on at your office?

Has anything intelligent ever come from it?

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