10 Ideas for New Endings

By: Jan Bolick
January 31, 2012

10 by 10 on Tuesdays

This week’s quick list* is a companion piece to our Quote of the Week for Groundhog Day.

Botches can send us underground, hiding out with the hogs…keeping us from shining the way that we could.  It could be a botched presentation.  Or conversation.  Or relationship.  Or deadline.  Or a missed goal.  Or wayward resolution.

Some people worry more than they  should.

Some people should worry more than they do.  Like Phil, the weatherman (played by Bill Murray) in Groundhog Day  during which the day repeats over and over until he  “gets it right”.  Grab some popcorn and watch this 4 1/2 minute clip.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), we don’t have the advantage of re-doing our days the way Phil did. But like our Quote of the Week for Groundhog Day says, we can work for a new ending.

The first 5 of our 10 for today are questions to ask yourself or your team. In fact, it could make a nice meeting to show the video clip from above and then use the questions for discussion.   And of course, popcorn is always a good idea, especially since today is the last day of National Popcorn Month!

1. Are there any presentations or client meetings (from the past) that you wish you could do over?

2. What do you wish you had done differently?

3. What might you do with or for that client now so that there is a different ending?

4. What might you do in future situations for a more immediate different ending?

5. What’s the next step?

The last 5 of our 10 for today come from an article written by Kim Painter (January 26, 2011,   USA Today)In her article, Ms. Painter gives some how-to’s for several situations. Some business related. Some not. Five ways we can “make like that reformed weatherman and get a fresh start in February, or anytime”. They include suggestions on how to:

1. Re-kindle a friendship gone sour

2. Do over a disastrous date

3. Re-launch a diet

4. Hit re-wind on a poorly received presentation

5. Re-open a lost argument

Here is a link to Ms. Painter’s: “It doesn’t take a time machine to try again”

Need more help on getting a new ending?

1. Read:

2. We invite you to tell us about you and your situation here.


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*Note: 10 by 10 on Tuesday (also know as a Quick List) is a weekly feature is for managers who don’t have time or don’t want to make time to read lengthy articles or even short paragraphs. Here you will find 10 tips or questions or steps or ways to Get 2 Goal or Be a Better Manager, etc). And it will be posted by 10 (AM – EST) on Tuesdays. Here’s our collection of Quick Lists to date.


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