Happy National Checklist Day

By: www.BusinessClassInc.com
October 30, 2011


Ah- checklists.

Some people view checklists as confining. Those who swear by them, find them freeing.

I can see both sides. What I have found is that they can be both.

Used well – they allow us to save time and get 2 goal – getting the “musts” done while leaving our minds free to create and explore the “mights” and “coulds”.   All of which can be boosts for morale and productivity.

Do you use any checklists?

National Checklist Day is a good day to review them. Tweak them. Celebrate them.

Actually – I think the day before Halloween is a tough day to do this.

Sometime in November would be better.

Gather any checklists that you use and let’s share next week.


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