Quote of the Week: On Fault & Responsibility

By: Jan Bolick
August 15, 2011

As a kid, I said  “It’s not my fault” to my parents from time to time.  And each time it definitely WAS my sister’s fault.    Until she went off to school .  And then it was still worth it to try and blame her.

Then I went off to school and  after that got into the publishing business where lots of mistakes were made.   Interestingly, no one ever blamed my sister.  Nor their own.  But there was lots of blame and it was irksome to hear:

When I pay for a product or service and it’s not  right, the first and most important issue is NOT whose fault it is.  It’s getting whatever it is I need, want and/or paid for.

All of the above helped me realize an important distinction when dealing with mistakes:

"It may not be your fault, but it IS your responsibility."  Jan Bolick

This distinction has helped me, my colleagues and many clients get closer to masterful mistake management by dropping the blame game and  focusing  our energy on the real issue…providing whatever it is the customer was supposed to get.

Once we resolve the situation for our customer, we can get even closer to masterful mistake management by  looking at the cause of the issue, which may very well involve delving into whatever happened at the printer or the shipper or in production. Not to establish blame. But to determine a way to prevent recurence.

If people aren’t used to this approach, it takes a while to break down barriers to success.  But once the barriers are down.  Once people see and feel the freedom and excitement of collaboration and creativity – it’s a huge boost to morale, productivity and overall performance.

Important Note #1 : Giving lip service to taking responsibility is not enough.  Action must follow.  Action to correct plus action to prevent.  Otherwise – it’s just lip service.

Important Note #2: This approach may not apply to ALL situations.   And it is not intended to take away the responsibility of others involved, including the customer. The common sense to test hot coffee before taking a swig comes to mind. When used appropriately – it contributes beautifully to masterful mistake management.

We invite you to  join our celebration of Mistake Management Month during which we explore the benefits and how-to’s of masterful mistake management.


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