Theme for Week: Discover a Different Boss

By: Jan Bolick
October 10, 2010


There is much going on this week.  Many things to celebrate starting with Columbus Day and National Kick Butt Day.  Ending with National Boss Day.  Teddy bears and grouches in between.

We are weaving it all together into our theme for the week:  Discover a Different Boss.

No – we aren’t talking about getting a new job.  We’re talking about making your current situation different – and better.  Better morale, productivity and overall performance.   Here are a few suggestions for putting this theme to work.

1.  If you have a boss who drives you crazy, get out that telescope, zoom in and find some good things…things you appreciate.  This is helpful career management information for the long haul.  And good information to have in hand when you are ready to write a note of thanks on Boss Day (this Friday).  You can even make your note of thanks public here:  Thanks, Boss!

2.  If you are lucky enough to have worked (or work) with a good  or maybe even inspirational boss,  say THANKS!

3.  And also,  zoom in and  make notes about what it is that made (or makes) him or her so good. 

4.  Now turn the telescope on yourself.    First, congratulate yourself for all that makes you a good boss. 

Then change the angle a bit for a different view.    Then  change the lens.  Add some filters.   Trying to view your management style from other points of view – like theirs.

5.  Go back to those notes in #3.  Which of the items listed in #3 could you incorporate into your own management style?

6.  See our Quote of the Week:  Discover a Different Boss for tools that can help with angles and perspective.

7.  Meanwhile, you can help your team make shifts needed for new discovery with fun events like the ones below.  Just try one.  Just to see how it feels.   Something like:

8. Send us notes, comments and observations in Comments section below. 

9. Come back during the week for more on Discovering a Different Boss.

All of the above designed to help leaders take charge in more effective ways, make things happen and inspire others to do the same.

Just one little shift or one change in perspective makes us different bosses.  And could even make us inspirational.

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