Quote of the Week: No wind?

By: www.BusinessClassInc.com
April 26, 2010

When working with  individual clients and teams to build peak performance,  one of the first things we do is identify anything that could be causing interference.   Anything.  Because even the smallest  item left unattended can turn into the king and queen of interference – low  morale and productivity.

You can do some of this work on your own by making a list of things that interfere with your performance and then putting our 10 Step Process to work.    If  your list looks anything like the one we’ve collected in these various sessions, it includes too much of some things like paper and emails and too little of others like money and time.   And it includes some things you can control and some things you can’t.  Like the  wind.

Quote:  If there is no wind, row.

A wonderful reminder that if traffic is slow…if sales are too low…if the phones are silent…

Don’t just sit there.  Take charge.  Act boldly.   Work to make something happen.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if it does?

Four ways to put this quote to work for improved performance: 

  1. Post it in a prominent place like your computer screen (see details below).
  2. Review your INTERFERENCE list.   What’s NOT happening?  What are you NOT getting?
  3. Work the 10 Step Process. You might have to be extra creative during step #4.
  4. Come back throughout the week to read more about how to “row”.

Other Resources to Help You Get 2 Goal:

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Post this quote  on  your computer screen with just 3 clicks:

1. Click on the image.
2. Right click on the enlarged image that appears.
3. On the pull down menu that also appears, click on “set as background”.

Voila! There’s still plenty of room on the left side of the screen for all your shortcut icons.

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Note: If you don’t like your new wallpaper, don’t want to replace it with a quote from the Business Class Quote Library and don’t know how to get rid of it……

Go to your control panel. Select “Display”. Select “Desktop”. And then choose from the designs offered.”

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