Team Retreats

By: Program Coordinator

“It strengthened the work of all departments
by unifying and reinforcing company-wide goals.”

Team retreats can be a stupid waste of time.

They can also be powerfully productive tools for managers and business owners who care about morale and productivity.

Just look at the comments in the gray boxes above and below.

So…what are you waiting for?!

Let’s get started planning a retreat from the day-to-day demands to:

  • review progress to goals.
  • examine strategies and key activities for success.
  • get potential obstacles out in the open.
  • discuss strategies for overcoming these obstacles.
  • learn new skills on managing time, people and other valuable resources needed to reach your goals.

The keys to retreat success are clear expectations, proper planning, facilitation and follow through.

We can help with all of that. Or we can simply run an opening session which appropriately sets the stage for the rest of your retreat. A session on something like:

  • how to be a better manager
  • how to develop a team that is serious about service
  • how to get 2 goal
  • what to do about having 2 little time
  • how to foster a creative problem solving culture

Below are a few comments from participants of such sessions….about the return on investment for their retreat time. Names are not provided due to confidentiality agreements. But we hope you will review our Client list and we’d be glad to give you references.

  • “Triple ROI for me.”
  • “It helped us all understand where each department was spending their time, efforts, energy and why. “
  • “This could be priceless. “
  • “A clearer understanding of each departments goals and commitment to the cause as well as a better relationship with all.”
  • “Strengthened work of all departments by unifying and reinforcing company-wide goals.”
  • “Significantly greater understanding of and respect among individuals and their departments.”
  • “Increased respect and openness.”
  • “Increased focus on key actions for increasing sales.”
  • “Set stage for unity as we face difficult belt-tightening in world economic slowdown.”
  • “Important to take time for this, otherwise everyone works in different directions. “
  • “Better communication & clarity.”

If you are ready to explore how we might work together to put together an incredibly productive retreat, please spend a few minutes on the worksheet below and send it to us. We’ll be in touch (usually within 24 hours) to discuss with you in more detail so that we can determine if we would be good retreat partners for each other.

There is nothing to lose here. We will both learn a good bit from the exploration. And if we aren’t a good match – we’ll do our best to point you in another direction.

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