Goals, Clutter & Clean Off Your Desk Day

Our quote of the week – in celebration of National Clean Off Your Desk Day…

Clutter and chaos

Ahhh- to cut through the clutter and chaos. To simplify. To be able to focus on priorities. And pursue goals.

A clean desk is a good way to start and any day is a good day for that.

Today is especially good since it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day – celebrated the second Monday of January.

But how is a busy person with lots of projects supposed to get and keep a clean desk?

There’s always the approach Nora helped Holly take in one of my favorite episodes of Brothers & Sisters. Read more

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Depressed or Thankful?

Common conversation in offices everywhere is the seemingly insurmountable amount of work left to be done in 2013. Or on a particular project. Or in a particular department. Not enough time, not enough people. Discouragement and despair sending morale and productivity spiraling down down down.

This week’s quote can help you stop, maybe even reverse that. Read more

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On Saying “No”

Learning to say “No” has come up in many recent lunch meetings, coaching sessions and workshops.  Not just learning how to say it but also learning when to say it.  This week’s quote gives guidance for both.

We can develop “Yes” muscles by deciding what’s most important to us as human beings.  What we want to do…who we want to be…who we want to be with…how much and when.

We can develop “Yes” muscles in our professional lives by: Read more

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In the midst of clutter and chaos?

Thanks to several Leadership Quote of the Week Subscribers who requested quotes on dealing with chaos. Here’s a good one.

Clutter and chaos could have to do with paperwork, procedures, policies, e-mail, to-do-lists, meetings, maybe even mixed with layers of CHANGE!!!

Whatever it is…to cut through the clutter and chaos,  Read more

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Simple Problems: Simple Solutions

The facilitator for the April meeting of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce Small Business Roundtable was Tori Williams Reid, Ph.D., co-owner of Right at Home – Durham/Chapel Hill, an in-home care and assistance company.

During a session entitled,  Simple Problems Simple Solutions, Tori invited participants to share current business problems and then for each one, she led a discussion on potential solutions.At the end, she asked participants to share aha moments – things they had done that had changed their business. Read more

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