Quote of the Week: Using All Gears?

As Bike Month comes to a close, we share another quote about bikes.  And gears.

Not getting where you want to get?

Are you using all of your “gears”?   How about the people on your team?

Are you/they using them at the right times?  Are the shifts smooth?

If not,  you and/or your team are not operating at peak performance.

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10 Tips for Tough Times

10 by 10 on TuesdaysThis week’s Quick List* is a companion to our Quote of the Week which is:

Tough times never last; tough people do.

But besides knowing that tough times aren’t going to last forever…what else can we do?

How are we going to get  ourselves and others through the tough times?

Here are 10 quick tips – mostly from Dads.

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10 Ways to Punch This Economy in the Nose

10 by 10 on Tuesdays

It’s about time for somebody to punch this economy in the nose!

That’s our Leadership Quote of the Week which was spotted in the Southwest Air terminal in the Salt Lake City Airport.   Read more about it here:  Quote of the Week from Southwest Airlines.

Besides doing what Southwest Air intended – to buy a plane ticket, grab a bag and go – what can we do to punch this economy in the nose?

Here are 10 suggestions to help each of us with the help of our teams, pack a power punch or two – which by the way will be terrific for morale and productivity –  and for overall performance.

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Special Feature: Inspired by Eve Carson

Eve Carson was President of her high school in Athens, Georgia.  She was valedictorian of her class.

She went to UNC Chapel Hill as a Morehead Scholar, was Phi Beta Kappa and selected as a North Carolina Fellow.    She spent her summers studying and volunteering in Wyoming, Ecuador and Egypt.  She was President of the Student Body during her senior year.

She always had time for people.  Loved to have dance parties.   Looked for the good in everything and everyone.  Fun, fun loving and loved by so many.

With all of these (plus many more) activities, she still had a 3.9 GPA and was scheduled to graduate  in May 2008 with highest distinction in biology and political science.

Two months prior to graduation, she was gunned down in what police called a random act of violence. Read more

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Lesson from the Hot Dog Dad

Stay out there!!!!

This is an important reminder about managing tough times from the Dad in The Hot Dog Story.

For more about how to Stay Out There, read Staying Out There.

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