That’s Nonsense!

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In celebration of April Fool’s Day…

Though we selected this quote in celebration of April Fool’s Day, we think it would be foolish not to heed these wise words year round.

Nonsense can lead to boosts in morale and productivity.

Causing bumps, jumps, even leaps in the direction of your goals.

For Insiders: 10 Wise Ways to Put Nonsense to Work



*Use this week’s quote as background or wallpaper for your computer with just three clicks.

1. Click on the image above.

2. Right click on the image that appears.

3. On the pull down menu that appears, click on “set as background”. Voila!

There’s still plenty of room on the left side of the screen for all your shortcut icons.

Note: If you don’t like your new wallpaper, don’t want to replace it with a quote from the Business Class Quote Library and don’t know how to get rid of it…… Go to your control panel. Select “Display”. Select “Desktop”. And then choose from the designs offered.”

Or print the PDF version below. Just click on the printer icon in lower right corner of the image.

Problem with link? Try this.

One last note: In addition to bite-size bits for daily learning and reinforcement, we also offer on-site workshops and individual coaching, all tailored to the needs of the individual or organization. Contact Jan to discuss your needs:

No power?

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Today I had the pleasure of addressing a group of Hometown Heroes – people in our community who have made it a better place to live.

I introduced the quote below and thanked them for tapping in to their own power to make a difference in our community – helping people get food, housing, medical treatment.  Raising money.  Saving lives.

It’s important to do the same in  our every day office lives.  It’s easy to say:

Okay – I’ll admit it. I’ve heard the same phrases in conversations with myself.

We have no power. We might as well give up or give in.

Please don’t give up OR give in!

Post this week’s quote as a reminder that we all have power.

We might just need a little help finding it and using it.

Tools for both below.

Read more

Scared to death?

Do you have some new projects, new challenges, new resolutions ahead that are scarey as heck!

If so – I  hope this week’s quote helps you as much as it has helped us.

Saddle up, keep eyes on the horizon (destination) and enjoy the journey along the way.

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway

As a reminder we will be posting the above on our computer screens and the below on our bulletin boards.

You can do the same with just three clicks. Read more

Let There Be Angels Everywhere

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It’s easy to forget the impact we have.

The impact we could have.

In our role as leaders, as family and community members, each of us has the opportunity to affect others in simple, yet powerfully positive ways.

The way Mr. Parsons, Mr. Lewis and others did in Angels Everywhere.

This week’s quote is a beautiful reminder.

let there be angels everywhere

I hope you will read it and enjoy:  Angels Everywhere.

And I wish you the presents and presence of many angels in the new year.

Use the above quote as background or wallpaper for your computer with just three clicks. Read more

Let There Be Sprinkles Everywhere

December 21, 2013 · Filed Under 2 Little Time, Be a Better Manager, Get 2 Goal, Quote of the Week · Comment 

Working, shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, partying…it’s enough to make a person sick.
And tired and stressed and maybe even a bit Scrooge-like.
Terrible for the morale and productivity of any person, any leader, any team.

This week’s quote stems from a story that has contributed to the prevention and reversal of much Scrooge-like behavior over the years. Because of that, it has become a tradition to share it far and wide.

let there be sprinkles everywhere

For full appreciation, be sure to read: Traditions. Here’s an exerpt: Read more

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