Everyone faces a battle

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Let us remember though that while Heart Month, Doing Business with Heart Month and Random Acts of Kindness Week will be over soon, the battles people deal with every day will not.

Be kinder than necessary for everyone is facing some sort of battle.

This quote reminds us that when a person interrupts, pushes ahead in line, ignores us in the hallway or whatever it is that rubs us the wrong way or ticks us off – it’s probably

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Is your team gung ho?

If it’s not as Gung Ho! as you’d like it to be, go outside and observe nature for a while – in particular – the squirrels scampering non-stop, beavers building dams and geese honking overhead. Or if it’s cold with a dreary drizzle where you are, like it is where I am, just imagine them at work. Or pick up a copy of Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

It’s a story about a business that’s about to close. A new manager comes in and finds one (and only one) department that’s high on morale and productivity. She digs in and learns their secrets to success which includes: “The Spirit of the Squirrel“, “The Way of the Beaver” and “The Gift of the Goose”. After applying these secrets to all parts of the business, instead of closing, it makes record profits and productivity.

It’s a good, quick book to read. One that can have lasting value for you as a leader. I re-visit my well-used, pink post-it note studded copy quite often – whenever I’m a bit stumped about a particular team or leadership issue. Just recently, I was re-visiting “The Way of the Beaver”.

Way of the beaver

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Ships & Boats

An important message for leaders and teams from Martin Luther King, Jr:

We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now.

Seems like lots of people forget this….making it nearly impossible to get anywhere.

The leader must determine the destination (or goal), tell everyone about it and remind them frequently – so that everyone is rowing in the same direction. Read more

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The Main Thing

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Thanksgiving is done, only  days until Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and a new year.

it can be a wacky time. Running in a million directions. Too many directions. Not getting anything done and/or not doing it well.

This week’s quote is a critical reminder for leaders everywhere.

During the last 16 days of the year, what IS the main thing for your team?

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That’s Nonsense!

In celebration of April Fool’s Day…

Though we selected this quote in celebration of April Fool’s Day, we think it would be foolish not to heed these wise words year round.

Nonsense can lead to boosts in morale and productivity.

Causing bumps, jumps, even leaps in the direction of your goals.

For Insiders: 10 Wise Ways to Put Nonsense to Work



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One last note: In addition to bite-size bits for daily learning and reinforcement, we also offer on-site workshops and individual coaching, all tailored to the needs of the individual or organization. Contact Jan to discuss your needs: Jan@BusinessClassInc.com

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