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It’s easy to forget the impact we have and could have.

In our role as leaders,  as family and community members, each of us has the opportunity to affect others in simple, yet powerfully positive ways.

The way Mr. Parsons, Mr. Lewis and others did in the story below.


Art, Ryan and I rode the train from the Atlanta airport to the Peachtree Center Station.

We asked an attendant how to get to our hotel. His name was Mr. Parsons. As he gave directions, he walked with us down one escalator, through the subway area and then up another escalator. It was a long walk. There was time for him to tell us a little history about the area, tell us about some interesting spots to visit and even talk a bit about sports. We asked where we could get a route map for the train. “I just happen to have one right here,” he said as he pulled one from his pocket Read more

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Time to Change Tradition?

There are all kinds of traditions at all times of the year.

Whether it’s the tradition of having pizza in the living room on Sunday nights.  Or Tuesday lunches with the boys. Or Wednesday date nights without the kids. Or annual shopping trips for sisters.

Traditions can be powerful.




The holidays are especially full of traditions.

And sometimes they need to change. Read more

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Depressed by all that’s left to do?

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Common conversation in offices everywhere is the seemingly insurmountable amount of work left to be done on a particular project. Or in a particular department. Or at home. Or…

There’s not enough time, not enough people. Discouragement and despair sending morale and productivity spiraling down down down.

This quote can help you stop, maybe even reverse that.

So often we are depressed by what remains to be done and forget to be thankful for all that has been done.

Use this quote as a reminder for yourself. Use it to launch a discussion with your staff about what’s left to do and  how much time it will take.  You may discover some things that don’t really need to be done!

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Yikes! Half the year is gone!

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Here we are at mid-year already. Hopefully things are moving right along and you and your team have much to celebrate.

If instead, you have a big mess on your hands – or even a small mess or two – remember these wise words.

It was over 25 years ago that I heard Rosabeth Moss Canter say, “Everything is a mess in the middle”. Over and over since then, that phrase has been a valuable tool – Read more

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Tough Times & Other Lessons from Dad

Every time I go through a tough time, I think of my Dad and a book he gave me years ago when I was going through a rough patch.  The title is Tough Times Never Last; Tough People Do.  The content was helpful, but the theme was especially powerful because it came from him. Then and for the many years since, it has reminded me to stay tough.

In celebration of Fathers Day and because now – right now – I could use a reminder about tough times, I’m sharing it here today. I hope others will find it helpful as well.  Feel free to share it freely with colleagues, family members and friends.



More Lessons from Lots of Dads

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