October 15 is National Boss Day

Boss DayAre you thanking your boss on Boss Day?  Not sure how to do it?

You could buy a fancy card or gift.  But really – a note of thanks would be more valuable to most.  You could start by simply thanking him or her for the job and the pay check.   Even better if you add something specific like some of the real life examples here:

You can write your note of thanks on a fancy card or on a plain piece of paper. 

Or you can share it Read more

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10 inspirational boss stories

This Quick List* is provided as a tool for Discovering a Different Boss, our theme for the week which links celebrations for Columbus Day and Boss Day.

And as usual, the desired end result is to provide tools to help leaders take charge in more effective ways, make things happen and inspire others to do the same.    So I guess that means that every week, we are looking for ways to be a different (and better) boss.  For ways to inspire.  For ways to make a difference.

If you are looking for ways to be a different boss, stories such as these are great places to look.

Here are 10 inspirational boss stories.   It doesn’t mean each of these bosses are (or were) inspirational every minute of every day.    More likely it occurred (or occurs) in bits and bites.   And it seems to be about…well…read these stories and see what you think.  Read more

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Kudos to Dad & his supervisor

Dad told a great boss story this weekend.  It’s a good one for Discover a Different Boss Week (our linked celebrations of Columbus Day and Boss Day).  

 It happened about 55 years ago, when Dad was the newly appointed supervisor of several work crews for the City of Winston-Salem.   When he came into work on the first few mornings, he found HIS supervisor giving out instructions and work orders for the day. 

On the fourth day, after all the crews had set out for their duties, Dad went to his supervisor and said something along the lines of, “If you are going to do that every day, you don’t need me.  So I’m leaving,” and headed for the door.** Read more

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Kudos to Chancellor Carlyle Sitterson

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Here’s a   great story for National Boss Day Week ….

In a Business Class interview,  Joy Hakan  shared memories about the years she worked with Chancellor Carlyle Sitterson (Chancellor at UNC-Chapel Hill from 1966-1972). 

It was during a tumultuous time – Kennedy assassinations, desegregation, Vietnam, Kent State.  Read more

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Quote of the Week: Discover a Different Boss


Happy Columbus Day.

A good week to explore….

looking to discover:

  • something good about your boss.  Just in time to write a nice note to her for Boss Day(on Friday).
  • a different perspective that could help you be a better boss.
  • helping you take charge in more effective ways, make things happen and inspire others to do the same.
  • new courage needed to push off from shore.

Read more

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