Secrets of Success from UPS Stores

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Note:  This story was written and shared  for  Customer Service Week in October 2011.  The leader, teacher and mentor of the story is Chris Derby who died suddenly from a heart attack this week.  What a wonderful business man he was.  Many people learned from him – and will continue to do so.  Thanks, Chris for living and loving the way that you did!


Up until December of last year, I had always gotten good service from the UPS Store on Fordham Blvd in Chapel Hill, NC.

That was because owner Chris Derby was there, always as pleasant as a human can be, calmly and patiently guiding me through the myriad of choices available for getting a package delivered on time and on budget.

And then there was that Saturday in December. Read more

Fabulous Service by JVG Plumbing

September 18, 2012 · Filed Under Be a Better Manager, Serious About Service · Comment 

I have a new favorite plumber.

I had an old favorite plumber.  Polite.  Quick.  Cleaned up after himself.  But I had been trying to get him over for weeks to fix a leaky toilet.  First he was on vacation.  Then he had to handle an emergency.  And then I think he forgot about me for a while. Read more

10 Steps Out of a Mess

10 by 10

This week’s Quick List is a follow up to our Quote of the Week: Happy Mid-Year

I hope you aren’t in the middle of a mess. But if you are – these 10 steps will help you get a handle on morale and productivity so that you and your team can push through the middle to the end of the mess. Read more

Quote of the Week: Happy Mid-Year

Here we are at mid-year already.  Hopefully things are moving right along and you and your team have much to celebrate.

If instead, you have a big mess on your hands – or even a small mess or two – remember these wise words.

It was over 25 years ago that I  heard Rosabeth Moss Canter say, “Everything is a mess in the middle”.    Over and over since then, that phrase has been a valuable tool  – whenever I’ve found myself or my team in the middle of a project or situation that started out just fine and then became a mess somewhere in the middle.

Hopefully you aren’t dealing with a mess.   But if you are – or next time you find yourself in the middle of one, this quote plus Other Resources on this page, can help you get out of the mess and boost morale and productivity in the process.

Read more

The Shining of Grimball Jewelers

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You may have seen their beautiful ads.

If you have heard them, you have probably laughed at their radio ads about bling, the end of the world and the choice of sleeping on the sofa with your golf clubs or in the bed with your wife.  Very fun and clever.

You may know about their awards:

And you may know owner Berkeley Grimball whose favorite line is, “We are hard-wired to love small shiny objects.”

What you may not know Read more

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