Goals, Clutter & Clean Off Your Desk Day

Ahhh- to cut through the clutter and chaos. To simplify. To be able to focus on priorities. And pursue goals.

A clean desk is a good way to start and any day is a good day for that.

Monday is especially good since it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day – celebrated the second Monday of January.

But how is a busy person with lots of projects supposed to get and keep a clean desk?

There’s always the approach Nora helped Holly take in one of my favorite episodes of Brothers & Sisters. Read more

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The Value of Being Bored



Kristin Tucker, from The Trunk Club sends me good stuff to read.  Last week she sent the link to an article from Harvard Business Review and a note  that said:

“Relevant and perfect for Business Class.  Well worth the two minutes to read!”

Read more

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Movie of the Week – Row, row, but watch where you go!

No wind in your sail?   That can be a blow to  productivity.  Morale too.

Remember our Quote of the Week and row, baby, row.   Even when the goals seem way out of reach.  Especially at  the end of the race (or the end of the month).    ROW.

Just be sure that you are headed in the right direction and then keep your eyes open and steer.   While many of the obstacles we face in these situations are imaginary (like the ones in Brainteaser of the Week #26), some are very real. Read more

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Quote of the Week: No wind?

When working with  individual clients and teams to build peak performance,  one of the first things we do is identify anything that could be causing interference.   Anything.  Because even the smallest  item left unattended can turn into the king and queen of interference – low  morale and productivity.

You can do some of this work on your own by making a list of things that interfere with your performance and then putting our 10 Step Process to work.    If  your list looks anything like the one we’ve collected in these various sessions, it includes too much of some things like paper and emails and too little of others like money and time.   And it includes some things you can control and some things you can’t.  Like the  wind.

Quote:  If there is no wind, row.

A wonderful reminder that if traffic is slow…if sales are too low…if the phones are silent…

Don’t just sit there.  Take charge.  Act boldly.   Work to make something happen.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if it does?

Four ways to put this quote to work for improved performance:  Read more

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Movie of the Week: Tool for Improved Performance

 If you are working with us this week to improve bottom line performance , what have you discovered so far?  What’s interfering with your performance?

If you’ve started  the 10 Step Process for Reducing Interference and gotten to Step #2, you may be wondering how to to go about measuring or tracking a particular type of interference.  This week’s video provides a suggestion using a real life example and a solution, which reduced interference, increased morale, increased productivity AND  improved performance.   

So grab the popcorn and enjoy this three- minute movie.

Note:  A few handouts are mentioned.  Links to PDF’s of these are included below.

Of course there are many other forms of interference.  And many other possible solutions.  Read more

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