Tough Times & Other Lessons from Dad

Every time I go through a tough time, I think of my Dad and a book he gave me years ago when I was going through a rough patch.  The title is Tough Times Never Last; Tough People Do.  The content was helpful, but the theme was especially powerful because it came from him. Then and for the many years since, it has reminded me to stay tough.

In celebration of Fathers Day and because now – right now – I could use a reminder about tough times, I’m sharing it here today. I hope others will find it helpful as well.  Feel free to share it freely with colleagues, family members and friends.



More Lessons from Lots of Dads

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You’re Out!

One.  Two.  Three strikes.  You’re out.

I used to hate striking out as a kid -for myself and my team.  Felt like I hadn’t done my best.  Hadn’t done my part.  Had let the team down.  Dreaded getting back up there.

Did you ever feel that way?

What about as a grown up?  Whether it’s making a sales presentation, having conversation with a colleague, learning a new task or …

let’s remind ourselves that the Boston Red Sox had 165 strike outs, a record for post season play during which they became the  2013 World Series Champions. Read more

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10 dreams doomed to fail

10 by 10 on Tuesdays

Whether called a dream, a vision, a goal or whatever… here are 10 that have been held or are currently being held in the minds of clients, colleagues, vendors, family members or yours truly.

And unfortunately, they are doomed to fail.

Read more

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Quote of the Week: On Fault & Responsibility

As a kid, I said  “It’s not my fault” to my parents from time to time.  And each time it definitely WAS my sister’s fault.    Until she went off to school .  And then it was still worth it to try and blame her.

Then I went off to school and  after that got into the publishing business where lots of mistakes were made.   Interestingly, no one ever blamed my sister.  Nor their own.  But there was lots of blame and it was irksome to hear:

  • The printer did it.
  • The truck broke down.
  • Production dropped the ball.
  • You signed the proof…see…here it is right here.
  • My assistant did it.
  • I didn’t know about it.
  • I can’t control everything.
  • Blah de dah de dah.

When I pay for a product or service and it’s not  right, Read more

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Quote of the Week: Every horse is good for something

In celebration of the Kentucky Derby,  our quote of the week is about horses.  And about losers, lost causes and leadership tests.  Here’s an abbreviated version:

Every horse is good for something

Do you remember that scene in Seabiscuit?  Read more

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