That’s Nonsense!

In celebration of April Fool’s Day…

Though we selected this quote in celebration of April Fool’s Day, we think it would be foolish not to heed these wise words year round.

Nonsense can lead to boosts in morale and productivity.

Causing bumps, jumps, even leaps in the direction of your goals.

For Insiders: 10 Wise Ways to Put Nonsense to Work



*Use this week’s quote as background or wallpaper for your computer with just three clicks.

1. Click on the image above.

2. Right click on the image that appears.

3. On the pull down menu that appears, click on “set as background”. Voila!

There’s still plenty of room on the left side of the screen for all your shortcut icons.

Note: If you don’t like your new wallpaper, don’t want to replace it with a quote from the Business Class Quote Library and don’t know how to get rid of it…… Go to your control panel. Select “Display”. Select “Desktop”. And then choose from the designs offered.”

Or print the PDF version below. Just click on the printer icon in lower right corner of the image.

Problem with link? Try this.

One last note: In addition to bite-size bits for daily learning and reinforcement, we also offer on-site workshops and individual coaching, all tailored to the needs of the individual or organization. Contact Jan to discuss your needs:

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Quote of the Week: True Measure of Thanksgiving

I hope you had a safe, fun and meaningful Thanksgiving.

Before getting whisked back into busy-ness,  how about using this week’s quote as a nudge to linger longer over that list of people, things and reasons for which we are thankful?

Are you putting your blessings to good use?  Their best use?

How might you use them – all of them – for better morale, productivity and overall performance?

This is an opportunity for us as leaders to take a closer look at our blessings…

Read more

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10 Ways to Grow Teams & Leaders Now

Halloween…..a great excuse to eat candy and wear scary costumes.

AND a great opportunity to learn, inspire, boost morale and productivity and grow your team.

Most leaders though don’t have time to come up with ideas and materials for this. And most don’t have the courage.

We can help with the first part. We have pulled together the ideas and materials – a collection of Bite Size Bits for Business from the haunted halls of Business Class.

You still need enough courage to put them to work…to step up and lead in unique ways.

You’ll be glad you did. Your team will be too.

Here are 10 things you can get do to grow teams and leaders this week.

1. Post instructional and inspirational words of wisdom Read more

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10 Great Bosses for National Boss Day

Happy Boss Day –  a great day to thank bosses everywhere. And a great day to remind ourselves of the duty we have as bosses to get better at it. One great way to do that is to observe other bosses.

Here are 10 stories about inspirational bosses – my absolute favorites from the archives.

I highly doubt that these bosses are (or were) inspirational every minute of every day. More likely it occurred (or occurs) in bits and bites. And it seems to be about…well…read these stories and see what you think. And then – will you add a story or two about bosses you’ve admired? Read more

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Quote of the Week for Grouch & Boss Day

Today is National Grouch Day.  Tomorrow is National Boss Day.  And Vinnie’s in charge of quote selection until midnight on October 31.  So here it is…the Leadership Quote of the Week is…

If you want something you've never had...

Read more

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