Secrets of Success from UPS Stores

Note:  This story was written and shared  for  Customer Service Week in October 2011.  The leader, teacher and mentor of the story is Chris Derby who died suddenly from a heart attack this week.  What a wonderful business man he was.  Many people learned from him – and will continue to do so.  Thanks, Chris for living and loving the way that you did!


Up until December of last year, I had always gotten good service from the UPS Store on Fordham Blvd in Chapel Hill, NC.

That was because owner Chris Derby was there, always as pleasant as a human can be, calmly and patiently guiding me through the myriad of choices available for getting a package delivered on time and on budget.

And then there was that Saturday in December. Read more

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What do you think?


This is a true story about Dick and Jane.  Their names don’t really matter though.   It’s a true story for people in offices everywhere.

Jane’s job is to make and keep customers happy.  To please them.  Dick is the boss.  Yep – that’s him in the photo.

Jane has gotten lots of calls and questions from customers and has gone to Dick for solutions.  He now has a backlog of decisions to make;  and Jane,  plus many other team members are waiting for him to make them. Read more

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Working with a Bunch of Crackpots?

What a crackpot!  We hear it from offices everywhere.  Urban and Webster define “crackpot” as:  crazy, insane, eccentric, foolish, harebrained, oddball, flake, geek, irrational, fruitcake, nut case, screwball and crank.

I often hear it used more loosely as someone with a flaw – like a cracked pot. Read more

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It’s Not What You Know

This week’s quote is a message to leaders and workers and graduates everywhere.

It comes from a favorite story about customer service and career management.

It's not what you know.

Read more about it at: Read more

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The Aveda Way

It was a gift card and my long time hairstylist being on maternity leave that finally nudged me in to the  Aveda Institute  for something other than Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours.

When I walked in the door,  a young woman greeted me,  escorted me to the scheduler for check in and then to the waiting area, where there were magazines, a water cooler and hot tea.  All nice touches.

I grabbed a magazine but skipped the beverage.

But then…





Read more

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