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You are in the right place if you are looking for ways to boost morale and productivity so that you and your team can enjoy better performance.

Whether you do it yourself or hire us to help,  we do hope you’ll get full use of the resources here because then you will be joining us in our mission to boost morale and productivity.

Why is that our mission?   Because that’s what it takes to help an individual or a team achieve something they didn’t think they could achieve.  Or were afraid they couldn’t achieve.  Or didn’t even dare try.

Something like:

  • an aggressive sales increase so she can build her company in other ways.
  • a shift in corporate culture – one that’s more positive and customer focused, yet bottom lined oriented.
  • a management style makeover so he can build a team that’s high on productivity and morale – positioned for top bottom line performance.

When that sales increase is achieved.  When results and rewards of the culture shift start showing up.  When his team rallies around him in support…it is an absolute thrill to me.  It feels like that final fight scene in The Karate Kid.   The Kid wins and everyone rushes around him in celebration.  His coach stands off to the side and beams with pride.   See clip below.

Below you will find a summary of resources on this site – some for free, some for a fee. 

Whether we work together directly through a workshop, retreat or coaching program…or whether we just pass in the “hallways” of this site…my hope is that you find just what you need.  Something instructional or motivational to provide j7ust the shift or aha or nudge you need to build or boost morale and productivity, so that you can soon celebrate success.


 Jan Bolick

Business Class Inc

Morale & Productivity Building Resources for Business

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Free But Priceless:

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