EEEK-Book : Boost morale, productivity & customer loyalty

By: Store Manager

Boost morale, productivity, engagement, customer loyalty & overall performance with these Bite Size Bits for Business.

It’s a 120+ page collection of:

  • stories that include lessons in leadership and customer service
  • meeting agendas/mini-workshops on customer service, sales, communication and management
  • puns, riddles and brainteasers to loosen things up at meeting or just to get the day started
  • 25 quotes with Halloween graphics – perfect to print, post or use to start or end meetings
  • unique ideas and printable tools you can use to create your own haunted halls – even a sign for your water cooler

You don’t have to use it all or take a ton of time with it.  Just a bite here and there will do wonders.

*complete Table of Contents below

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*Table of Contents

Are you working in the dark?

Haunted Halls

Meeting Room

Meeting/Mini-Training Titles

  • Your Smile Can Be Heard
  • Scary Work I
  • Scary Work II
  • Chasing Customers Away?
  • In the Dark
  • Trick or Treat for Business

Reading Room

  • BOO!
  • Trick or Treat for Business (article )
  • In the Dark (poem)
  • Scare-dy Cats
  • Haunted Walls
  • Take Back Your Time
  • Ten Time Goblins

Break Room

  • Specialty Treats
  • Lunch
  • Refrigerator
  • Water Cooler

Game Room

  • Puns
  • Riddle
  • Brainteasers

Music Room

Quote Library

  • How to Use These Quotes
  • Quotes aboutCourage
  • Quotes about Customer Service
  • Quotes about Expectations
  • Quotes about Fear
  • Quotes about Mistakes
  • Quotes about Obstacles, Problems, Difficulties
  • Quotes about Smiles
  • Quote about Time

Corner Office

  • The Dimming Fire
  • Lessons from the Graveyard
  • Dancing with Skeletons


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Note:  In case you were looking for our Haunted Halls…they are no longer open to the public.  Sorry about that.  They were just too scary for some people and we could no longer handle the liability issues.  You know how that is.  Anyway – we still wanted you to have the info – which is why we put together this eeek-book.

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