Heart Cards

By: Store Manager

If you want to Be a Better Manager, are Serious About Service

or if you just love it when people do business with heart, then you will love these cards.

People love to be appreciated!

blue heart card - thank you

Send this card to your:

  • banker
  • printer
  • account rep
  • auto mechanic
  • hairstylist
  • pharmacist
  • physician
  • actually anyone who takes especially good care of you, your family, your colleagues and your customers.

In case there is something specific for which you’d like to say thanks, we’ve left a bit of space for you to write a personal note.

blue heart - I admire - 2010

Send this card to clients or colleagues. Or anyone whom you admire for the way they do business with heart.

They will appreciate the fact that you noticed!

People love recognition!

blue heart card - caught - 2010

Heart Cards are great tools for managers who want to reinforce customer building behaviors and actions – specifically speaking – doing business with heart.

Keep a stash of this one in your desk drawer so that any time you “catch” someone in the act, you can give immediate recognition and reinforcement.

Give the card in person.

Or put it on her desk.

Or tape it to his door.

Or award it at a staff meeting.

Make it even more effective by adding a personal note at the bottom about what you “caught” her doing.

Get others involved by sharing some of the stories about Doing Business with Heart at your staff meetings.

Give each person 3 or 4 “You were CAUGHT” cards. Ask that they give them to any colleagues “caught” doing business with heart.

Important note: It’s okay- in fact it’s great! – if a person is “caught” more than once. And also okay – even great! – if a person receives more than one Heart Card.

A few more items of interest

  • Card size: 4.25 X 5.5 inches.
  • Printed on smooth, heavy white stock.
  • Envelopes are pale blue.
  • Packaging is minimal for pricing and environmental reasons.
  • For the same reasons, we don’t keep a large inventory. Expect about two weeks for delivery. If you need them sooner, please include a note on your order.
  • Here is the message carried on the reverse side of all three designs.blue heart - backs - 2010


Each design is sold in increments of 10 (10 cards and 10 envelopes) for $12.95

You can save 25% by ordering a variety pack of 30 cards and envelopes (10 of each design) for $28.95. We’re doing that to encourage you to try all three versions.

To keep things simpler, the price includes regular delivery within the Continental United States.

North Carolina sales tax will be added if appropriate(if applicable).

Additional discounts are available for bulk orders!

Order here!

thank you heart cards

Thank you” Heart Cards

10 cards & envelopes



blue heart - I admire - 2010

I admire” Heart Cards

10 cards & envelopes



blue heart card - caught - 2010

“You were caught”

Heart Cards

10 cards & envelopes


blue heart card - variety pack

Variety Pack

30 cards & envelopes

(10 of each)


To order, send an e-mail to: orders@businessclassinc.com letting us know:

  • how many packages of each design you would like to order
  • the address, or at least the postal code ,to which you would like them shipped
  • date by which you need to receive the cards

We will be back in touch to confirm availability and to arrange for payment.

Thank you!

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