Too Small to Make a Difference?

According to the Business Class Celebration Calendar, Mosquito Day is coming.  Yes – there is such a thing.   A perfect time to feature this quote which is also a nice companion piece to recent quotes on freedom.

Many people have good ideas about ways to improve products, processes and services but they sit back and stay quiet as they say to themselves, “Why bother? it won’t make any difference. No one will listen. No one will even pay attention. Nothing will ever change.” Read more

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On Distance & Laughter

This week’s quote can help with morale, productivity, employee engagement and overall performance.

I see many people pushing (and pulling) in serious pursuit of goals and deadlines.   Often at odds with others on their team.

Hoping to help, their leaders sometimes step in for added push (or pull).  These efforts often backfire because they add pressure which creates distance between people.  And between people and their goals.

Here’s a good thing to remember when stepping in to stressful situations:


Laughter is the shortest distance between two people

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Scared to death?

Do you have some new projects, new challenges, new resolutions ahead that are scarey as heck!

If so – I  hope this week’s quote helps you as much as it has helped us.

Saddle up, keep eyes on the horizon (destination) and enjoy the journey along the way.

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway

As a reminder we will be posting the above on our computer screens and the below on our bulletin boards.

You can do the same with just three clicks. Read more

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Let There Be Angels Everywhere

It’s easy to forget the impact we have.

The impact we could have.

In our role as leaders, as family and community members, each of us has the opportunity to affect others in simple, yet powerfully positive ways.

The way Mr. Parsons, Mr. Lewis and others did in Angels Everywhere.

This week’s quote is a beautiful reminder.

let there be angels everywhere

I hope you will read it and enjoy:  Angels Everywhere.

And I wish you the presents and presence of many angels in the new year.

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10 Things to Capture Before Year End

Ever feel like you deal with the same mistakes and problems over and over again? Ever feel like you wrestle with the same decisions over and over again? Maybe even bounce back and forth between the same solutions which curiously seem to fail over and over? Such a WASTE of time.

It’s enough to drive morale and productivity into the dirt, people out the door and the bottom line into the red zone.

Much of this could be avoided with mindful preservation of institutional memory. Read more

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