Tough Times & Other Lessons from Dad

Every time I go through a tough time, I think of my Dad and a book he gave me years ago when I was going through a rough patch.  The title is Tough Times Never Last; Tough People Do.  The content was helpful, but the theme was especially powerful because it came from him. Then and for the many years since, it has reminded me to stay tough.

In celebration of Fathers Day and because now – right now – I could use a reminder about tough times, I’m sharing it here today. I hope others will find it helpful as well.  Feel free to share it freely with colleagues, family members and friends.



More Lessons from Lots of Dads

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A Lesson from Carlton’s Dad on Dumb Questions

Thank you Carlton Clark for sending in the story below.  Carlton, a long time subscriber,  sent the story in response to the question, “What lessons did you learn from your Dad – lessons that have helped in your career?”

My Dad said to me, “Son, I have never been to a Read more

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Basnight Family Secrets

We hit the jackpot again!

More best practices and secrets to success – this time from a business that has lasted through the Great Depression, fifteen recessions and fifteen United States Presidents.

In 1924, Stein Basnight, a graduate of UNC, opened S.H. Basnight Hardware. He traveled around the state, pulling a trailer full of products to sell.

His sons, Bill and Jesse, joined their father in the business.

Papa Stein died before he got to see this but four of his grandchildren got involved in the business: Bill’s children, Terry and Don; as well as Jesse’s children, Jesse Jr. and Steve.

Two of those grandchildren now own the business. Read more

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The Best Father’s Day Gift

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Quote of the Week for Fathers Day

Here’s a quote that can help with morale, productivity and overall performance. Read more

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