A Lesson from Carlton’s Dad on Dumb Questions

Thank you Carlton Clark for sending in the story below.  Carlton, a long time subscriber,  sent the story in response to the question, “What lessons did you learn from your Dad – lessons that have helped in your career?”

My Dad said to me, “Son, I have never been to a University, only trade schools, but remember -  no question is a dumb question.”

My first week in school, a professor was using big words I could not understand.  :0)   I did not say anything in the first class.  I went home and got in the dictionary!  :0)

The next class,  five minutes into her lecture, I hesitantly raised my hand and Dr. Steinhouse said,  “ Carlton do you have a question?”

I said “Yes ma’am, your highly dynamic ejaculations are far too copious for my incipient comprehension”.

She paused for several seconds and said, “Does the rest of the class feel that way?” Immediately the whole class said yes and she apologized.

Afterwards, the whole class thanked me for asking the question.   You know I made some friends real fast!  :0)  Some were my study partners for the rest of my tenure in school.

Don’t you LOVE it?

What about you? 

What lessons did you learn from your Dad – lessons that have helped in your career?

Please share your story in the Comment section below.

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