Your Team

We featured this quote last year when the  Red Sox became the  2013 World Series Champs.  I thought of it  while working with a team  littered with people who rolled their eyes a lot, complained openly about the owner and  made snide remarks about “the way this company does things”.  Whenever positions became open,  these same people claimed that no one was interested.  “No one wants to work here”, they said.   These people – they were great people, talented people.  But if they were ever excited about being on the team, doing what the team did, they had lost it.  And then – they were gone. Read more

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Take Back Your Time

Any of this sound true for you?

There’s no use. Might as well give up and give in. Read more

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for Columbus Day

discoveryWhen I think of Christopher Columbus, five words flash through my brain. “I have a decided heart.” Read more

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Working in the dark?

We started our staff meeting in the dark last week.

After a few minutes, I introduced this quote and then immediately flipped on the lights.

I work in the dark.  You should not.

Yes – Vinnie, the Vampire does his best work in the dark. Most humans do not.

As leaders, we must get people out of the dark. We must: Read more

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Customer Service is NOT a Department

Vinnie is thrilled to be back – and just in time to share a bite size bit for Customer Service Week.

Customer Service is not a department.  It's an attitude, an atmosphere, a culture, a way of doing business.

As you may recall, we have featured a version of this quote before:

“Customer Service is not a department. It’s an attitude.”

It seemed more was needed. Read more

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