What’s the next step?

Do you  have to-do’s and problems left over from last year?

Do these things really need to be done?  Do these problems really need to be solved?

DUMP everything that isn’t needed to achieve your definition of success for 2014.

If you can’t bear to DUMP something, “park” it in a “Later” or “Idea” file.

Whatever is left – be certain it’s needed to achieve your definition of success for 2014.

Then – for each item left on your current list, protect it from the perils of procrastination with this week’s Leadership Quote.


What’s the next step?

It’s a question asked frequently Read more

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No power?

Today I had the pleasure of addressing a group of Hometown Heroes – people in our community who have made it a better place to live.

I introduced the quote below and thanked them for tapping in to their own power to make a difference in our community – helping people get food, housing, medical treatment.  Raising money.  Saving lives.

It’s important to do the same in  our every day office lives.  It’s easy to say:

Okay – I’ll admit it. I’ve heard the same phrases in conversations with myself.

We have no power. We might as well give up or give in.

Please don’t give up OR give in!

Post this week’s quote as a reminder that we all have power.

We might just need a little help finding it and using it.

Tools for both below.

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Looking for bad?

In celebration of President’s Day, Do a Grouch a Favor Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week,  we share these wise words from President Abraham Lincoln.

If you look for bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.

We often see what we look for. So…how about if we look for good? If we do, we’ll surely find it.

And all that good we find, mention and recognize…it’s fabulous for boosting morale, productivity and overall performance.

One final note – if we do find bad, it may very well be due to a battle of some kind. Read more

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Low productivity, laziness, bad attitudes?

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In celebration of Heart Month, Doing Business with Heart Month and Random Acts of Kindness Week, our Leadership Quote of the Week is:

Be kinder than necessary for everyone is facing some sort of battle.

Let us remember though that while Heart Month, Doing Business with Heart Month and Random Acts of Kindness Week will be over soon, the battles people deal with every day will not.

This week’s quote helps to remind us that when a person interrupts, pushes ahead in line, ignores us in the hallway or whatever it is that rubs us the wrong way or ticks us off – it’s probably Read more

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Is Your Team Gung Ho?

If it’s not as Gung Ho! as you’d like it to be, go outside and observe nature for a while – in particular – the squirrels scampering non-stop, beavers building dams and geese honking overhead.  Or if it’s cold with a dreary drizzle where you are, like it is where I am, just imagine them at work.  Or pick up a copy of Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

It’s a story about a business that’s about to close.    A new manager comes in and finds one (and only one) department that’s high on morale and productivity.  She digs in and learns their secrets to success which includes: “The Spirit of the Squirrel“, “The Way of the Beaver” and “The Gift of the Goose”.    After applying these secrets to all parts of the business,  instead of closing, it makes record profits and productivity.

It’s a good, quick book to read. One that can have lasting value for you as a leader.   I re-visit my well-used, pink post-it note studded copy quite often – whenever I’m a bit stumped about a particular team or leadership issue.   Just recently, I was re-visiting “The Way of the Beaver”.

Way of the beaver

In particular: Read more

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