Take Back Your Time

Any of this sound true for you?

There’s no use. Might as well give up and give in. Read more

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for Columbus Day

discoveryWhen I think of Christopher Columbus, five words flash through my brain. “I have a decided heart.” Read more

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Working in the dark?

We started our staff meeting in the dark last week.

After a few minutes, I introduced this quote and then immediately flipped on the lights.

I work in the dark.  You should not.

Yes – Vinnie, the Vampire does his best work in the dark. Most humans do not.

As leaders, we must get people out of the dark. We must: Read more

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Customer Service is NOT a Department

Vinnie is thrilled to be back – and just in time to share a bite size bit for Customer Service Week.

Customer Service is not a department.  It's an attitude, an atmosphere, a culture, a way of doing business.

As you may recall, we have featured a version of this quote before:

“Customer Service is not a department. It’s an attitude.”

It seemed more was needed. Read more

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Curse the Darkness/Light a Candle

In preparation and celebration of Confucius Day (September 29), our Leadership Quote of the Week is:

It is better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness.

A nice reminder that it is better to Read more

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