Don’t have the freedom?

Many of us, even in America where we just celebrated Independence Day, complain that we don’t have the freedom to do this or that.

We feel trapped by other people and situations and make no effort to do anything about it. In doing so, we often make the trap more confining than it actually is.

Is it really them keeping us from what we want?

Much freedom is there for the taking if we just open our eyes, look for it and take it or request it. Read more

Got a problem? In a jam? On overwhelm?

This week’s quote comes from a lesson from my Dad – one I have shared far and wide with clients and readers. And one I have reminded myself of often – as recently as today.

Problems, like the hill in front of you, keep getting smaller the more you advance on them.

Here’s the story behind the quote. It happened close to twenty years ago. Read more

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Not getting where you want to get?

In celebration of National Bike Month,  our Leadership Quote of the Week includes a bike.  At least – a picture of one.

Not getting where you want to get?

Many quotes could accompany this picture.  Read more

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from Stupid to Genius

Here’s a great one. Spoken like a genius.

Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid.

A nice reminder for leaders everywhere

Are there any fish on your team who are expected to climb trees?

What to do about it? Read more

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Things going against you?

Ever feel like things are going against you? Read more

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