10 Steps Out of a Mess

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I hope you aren’t in the middle of a mess. But if you are – these 10 steps will help you get a handle on morale and productivity so that you and your team can push through the middle to the end of the mess. Read more

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10 Ways Out of the Mud


This Quick List is a companion piece to our Leadership Quote of the Week about wallowing in the mud.

Both soaring like an eagle and wallowing in the mud like a hippo can be an enjoyable and productive use of time. But sometimes we want to wallow in the mud when we need to soar like eagles. And then sometimes, wallowing in mud can lead to being stuck in the mud which is bad news for morale and productivity.

When we are unproductively wallowing, how can we get ourselves out of the muck?

Here are 10 Ways Out of the Mud.


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10 Tips for Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

This Quick List is a companion piece to our Leadership Quote of the Week.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

Stephen Covey


It’s such a nice, simple quote with a catchy ring to it. Most people, though, find that keeping the main thing the main thing is not so simple.

Here are 10 tips for keeping the main thing the main thing.

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10 Ways to Be a Better Manager This Year

  Who is in charge at your office?  December craziness  or you?

Here’s are 10 ways for you take charge.  Not in a Scrooge kind of way. But in a better manager kind of way.  The kind of manager that cares about morale AND productivity. The kind that knows how to take charge in effective ways….making things happen…and inspiring others to do the same. Inspiration that lasts long past December.

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10 Quotes for Thanksgiving

10 by 10

A regular feature at Business Class is 10 by 10 on Tuesday. It could be 10 questions, 10 reasons, 10 lists, 10 excuses. This week it’s 10 quotes – some serious, some funny, some cynical – that provide 10 reasons to say thanks out loud or in person.

Choose one or more to share at the start or close of a meeting. Even better, get more value, by using this Read more

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