That’s Nonsense!

In celebration of April Fool’s Day…

Though we selected this quote in celebration of April Fool’s Day, we think it would be foolish not to heed these wise words year round.

Nonsense can lead to boosts in morale and productivity.

Causing bumps, jumps, even leaps in the direction of your goals.

For Insiders: 10 Wise Ways to Put Nonsense to Work



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10 Ways to Put Nonsense to Work

If you’ve had the pedal to the medal, pushing hard to make sales quotas, budget projections and production schedules, it’s time to put our Quote of the Week to work.


Just a little nonsense can do wonders for office atmosphere and productivity – thereby improving your business.

And besides, April is Stress Management Month. And doesn’t nonsense lead to laughter? And isn’t laughter like a mini-vacation?

So – here are 10 ways to put nonsense to work at work. If you have any to add, we’d love to hear from you! And we welcome photos!

Warning: If you choose to do any of these things, you may feel like a fool. Your teammates may roll their eyes. But they will laugh too. And that will lighten the load, break the tension and maybe even bring people closer together. Not just today – but down the road as they think about or talk about the day that ___________ (fill in the blank). Read more

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Goals, Clutter & Clean Off Your Desk Day

Our quote of the week – in celebration of National Clean Off Your Desk Day…

Clutter and chaos

Ahhh- to cut through the clutter and chaos. To simplify. To be able to focus on priorities. And pursue goals.

A clean desk is a good way to start and any day is a good day for that.

Today is especially good since it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day - celebrated the second Monday of January.

But how is a busy person with lots of projects supposed to get and keep a clean desk?

There’s always the approach Nora helped Holly take in one of my favorite episodes of Brothers & Sisters. Read more

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10 Things to Capture Before Year End

Ever feel like you deal with the same mistakes and problems over and over again? Ever feel like you wrestle with the same decisions over and over again? Maybe even bounce back and forth between the same solutions which curiously seem to fail over and over? Such a WASTE of time.

It’s enough to drive morale and productivity into the dirt, people out the door and the bottom line into the red zone.

Much of this could be avoided with mindful preservation of institutional memory. Read more

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Let There Be Sprinkles Everywhere

Working, shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, partying…it’s enough to make a person sick.
And tired and stressed and maybe even a bit Scrooge-like.
Terrible for the morale and productivity of any person, any leader, any team.

This week’s quote stems from a story that has contributed to the prevention and reversal of much Scrooge-like behavior over the years. Because of that, it has become a tradition to share it far and wide.

let there be sprinkles everywhere

For full appreciation, be sure to read: Traditions. Here’s an exerpt: Read more

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