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Truth is…we are nothing without our clients.

They like to work with us because they want progress and growth. As people improve skills and get better results, they enjoy their work more –  fabulous thing to celebrate because each of us spends so much time in our profession, it’s a shame if we aren’t happy with it. Sometimes changing professions will do the trick. Other times we just need to get help from a coach.

Think about being on a ski slope when you don’t know how to ski. It’s terrifying. If you learn the basics however, it can be a thrilling and beautiful experience.

Think about being on the golf course when it takes you ten shots to get to the green. It’s boring…and even miserable. If you get some coaching, it can be a delightful pastime for the rest of your life….and a way to see some beautiful sights.

Our terrifying, miserable, boring professions can also become more satisfying, even exciting, with some training, coaching and support.

That’s what we love to do.  And our clients love it too.

The Secrets of Our Success:

1. We have a passion for business and making it fun, satisfying and productive for all involved.

2. Founder, Jan Bolick, has combined her experiences as a CEO, General Manager, salesperson, leader, follower, organizer, volunteer, fundraiser, teacher, student and parent, to develop coaching programs to suit the needs of each client.

3. We have a passion for continued learning and sharing that with others.

We do this with our clients, with subscribers to “Business Class” and in “the community.”


One last thing – in case you need to reach us by mail ….

Business Class Inc, PO Box 2037, Chapel Hill, NC  27515  USA

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