Not getting anywhere?

By: Jan Bolick

In celebration of National Bike Month, I share this quote which includes a bike. At least – a picture of one.

Not getting where you want to get?

Many quotes could accompany this picture.

Quotes about vision, goals, plans, alignment, teamwork, etc, but because of its power and possible meanings, I decided to let it stand on its own.

Are any members of your team going in opposite directions?

Is it because you, their leader, hasn’t established a clear destination?

Or is it because your leaders haven’t done it?

Or perhaps you have multiple owners and they can’t agree?

Whatever the reason…before morale and productivity suffer any more…FIX IT FAST!

Do everything you can to clarify direction on your own.

Ask your leaders to clarify and agree upon their own direction.  If they can’t do that, then consider finding another organization to lead.  Otherwise you will waste  time going around in circles.  Team morale and productivity will suffer.  And most likely your leaders will criticize you for not doing a better job.

P.S. Feeling brave? Show this image to your team and ask them if they see “this” happening anywhere in the organization?

P.P. S. Here are 10 quotes that could go along with this image.

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