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discoveryWhen I think of Christopher Columbus, five words flash through my brain. “I have a decided heart.”

These words are from Andy Andrews book, The Travelers Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success.*

Each “decision” is discovered by David, who was once a successful executive, lost his job and is in a state of desperation. After months of struggle, he finds himself on a “journey”, during which he meets seven people, each of whom teach him a “decision” needed for success.

One of David’s “stops” was the Santa Maria. Yes – he finds himself face to face with Christopher Columbus who has been at sea for sixty-four days. You need to read the entire chapter (better yet – the entire book) to gain full benefit but here are some of my favorite excerpts, words of wisdom bestowed upon David by Christopher Columbus:

  • “Today, you will not see land off the bow of my ship You will see land only by looking into my eyes…I see it as plainly as I see you. For almost twenty years I have seen it. And tomorrow, you will see it too.”
  • “I have found that it is better to be alone and acting upon the truth in my heart than to follow a gaggle of silly geese doomed to mediocrity.”
  • “If you worry about what other people think of you, then you will have more confidence in their opinion than you have in your own.”
  • “Getting started, getting finished – both ends of a journey require a demonstration of passion….. With passion you will overcome insurmountable obstacles. You will become unstoppable!”
  • “Most people fail at whatever they attempt because of an undecided heart. Should I? Should I not? Go forward? Go back? Success requires the emotional balance of a committed heart. When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape.”
  • “I will not wait. I am passionate about my vision for the future. My course has been charted. My destiny is assured. I have a decided heart.”

Powerful, very memorable words.

As you can probably tell, I love this book. It’s a great gift item! In case you want to read more about it, order copies  from Andy Andrews’ website.

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