When it comes to luck…

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While we may hope for the luck of the Irish, or luck of any sort, to bring us a pot, or even a piece, of gold, we know the boss is right, don’t we?

When it comes to luck, you make your own

Yep – we have to make our own luck. Most of the time anyway.

To “make” that luck, we may have to punch one or more leprechauns in the nose, as demonstrated by 8 Boomers Who Punched the Leprechaun in the NoseOne of these is Bruce Springsteen, the Boss of Rock & Roll.  Here is the excerpt about Bruce.

Bruce Springsteen (born in 1949) was at odds with both the nuns and students at his first school. He transferred to a public school but didn’t fit in there either. Teachers described him as a loner who just wanted to play his guitar. He completed high school, but felt so uncomfortable that he skipped graduation. He briefly attended a local college.

He joined several different bands and signed his first record deal but no one paid much attention when released. Same with the second one.

His next album, “Born to Run” (1975) took him more than 14 months to record, with six months alone spent on the song “Born to Run“. He was angry and frustrated about the album, saying others didn’t understand what he wanted. When done with recording, he threw the record into the alley and told his agent he would rather cut the album live at a club where he played. When the album was finally released, people loved it! Within months his photo was on the front of both Time and Newsweek Magazine – in the same week.

Born to Run” sold six million copies by the year 2000. Bruce Springsteen has now produced 18 studio albums, the most recent, in January 2014. Ten of his albums have reached #1 on the charts. He has won twenty-one Grammy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award and an Emmy. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

An inspirational reminder for those who may feel out of place, alone, misunderstood, tired, unsuccessful and/or out of luck. All bad for morale and productivity.

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