Low productivity, laziness, bad attitudes?

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In celebration of Heart Month, Doing Business with Heart Month and Random Acts of Kindness Week, our Leadership Quote of the Week is:

Be kinder than necessary for everyone is facing some sort of battle.

Let us remember though that while Heart Month, Doing Business with Heart Month and Random Acts of Kindness Week will be over soon, the battles people deal with every day will not.

This week’s quote helps to remind us that when a person interrupts, pushes ahead in line, ignores us in the hallway or whatever it is that rubs us the wrong way or ticks us off – it’s probably not about us. And whatever it IS about, could be a good reason for the rest of us to try our best to do business with heart.

And it helps to remind us that the person on our team who isn’t doing what he’s supposed to do, is slumped at his desk or on the phone all the time…maybe it’s not because he’s a lazy slouch. And whatever the reason IS, could give the rest of us a good reason to try our best to do business with heart.

I’m not suggesting we put up with it or accept low productivity at the expense of our team. Because people who do business with heart love their work, really care and get the job done, and that probably can’t happen if Sam is being a slouch.

So – if Sam’s manager does business with heart and she sees Sam slouching, she will remember the above quote, give Sam the benefit of a doubt once or twice, and if it continues, tell Sam she has noticed and wonders if something is going on. Then she can listen and coach Sam with heart so that Sam can push himself through whatever battle he is facing.

Doing business with heart is a miracle worker for boosting morale, productivity, customer loyalty, staff retention and overall business performance. AND – it just feels good.

Do you know anyone who does business with heart? Will you tell us about it?

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