To Win Customers…

By: Jan Bolick

In celebration of Customer Service Week, our Leadership Quote of the Week is:

Have you won the hearts and minds of your team members?

I hope  companies are lavishing praise and appreciation on their employees this week.  And  hope they will not stop there.

We talk a lot here about customer service, morale, productivity and engagement.  In working with many organizations, I see high, medium and low levels of each; mostly on the lower end  since that’s usually why they call me in.

I had seen various studies that showed low engagement as a trend, yet shocked and saddened by a report that was released last month.  According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, a whopping 70% of workers in the United States are either “not engaged” or  are“actively disengaged” at work.

That’s a HUGE chunk of the work force that is not helping their employers as much as they could be –  and in some cases are intentionally  HURTING their employers.

How engaged are your employees?

You’ve heard us talk here about things that lead to disengagement.  Things like:

  •  unclear roles, goals and expectations
  • lack of understanding about purpose and values
  • not enough feedback
  • lack of appreciation and recognition

And then there is the #1 reason people dislike their jobs – their managers.

If we want more business, happier customers, higher morale and productivity, more loyal employees – we HAVE to figure out how to be better managers and leaders.  We HAVE to help our management teams become better managers and leaders.

That includes leading with:

  • communicating clear roles, goals and expectations
  • communicating clear purpose and values
  • providing feedback
  • giving appreciation and recognition
  • and much much more

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you do these things? 

Would your team members give the same scores?

What can you do to improve?

Becoming a better manager is not easy. The tools on this site make it easier.  Here are two timely ones:

  • Ideas and Tools for Customer Service Week.  If you aren’t an Insider yet, you’ll need to sign up for this.  Tips & Tools for Customer Service Week
  • Our EEEK-Book. While  leadership development is a year round pursuit,Halloween is an especially good time for it because it helps people loosen up and look at things in a different light.  Things like goals, expectations and customer service.  Get more info at:

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