People Need This

By: Jan Bolick

Would you agree that most people are dealing with some sort of pain?

It could be an injury or illness, or it could be the kind of pain that comes from feeling tired, discouraged, behind, overwhelmed, frazzled, worried, resentful, rejected, left out, offended or taken for granted.

Sometimes it passes quickly.  Sometimes it lingers.  Layer on top of layer.  Hurting the person, their work and those who work around them. Making it harder to work through issues, differences and disagreements.

Twice last week, I was touched by situations in which  a few words or a small action melted away layers of hurt – making it possible for minds to open, attitudes to shift and relationships to change.

For that reason and in celebration of World Smile Day ®*, the Leadership Quote of the Week is:

Smiley faces did not play a role in the situations mentioned above.  But acts of kindness did.

The first one was stopping for a moment to realize that instead of being mean, bad, awful and terrible,  the other person was most likely hurting in some way.

Please share this quote with others your team and post it as a reminder.   People Need This!


*Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963.  As years passed, he became concerned that the original meaning and intent had been lost and so he created World Smile Day, to be celebrated on the first Friday of October.  Read more at:


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You can post the above quote to your computer screen with just three clicks.

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