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By: Jan Bolick



Did you celebrate National S’more Day this weekend?

It was a bit hot for a campfire but they were delicious and of course, we wanted s’more.  And talking about s’more led me to think about that commercial.  You know the one where a man and four kids are sitting on the floor cross legged and the man asks a question and the little girl in the blue dress and white sweater says…

I’m making this way too complicated.  Here it is.

When I talk with leaders about what they want and need more of,  the list typically includes more revenue, more profit, more productivity, more teamwork, more loyalty and retention.  And then sometimes there is a comment like, “If only we could pay more.”

Oddly, more pay is rarely mentioned during the conversations I have with teams and team members about what they want and need more of.

And that is what led to the selection of this week’s quote which hangs on the wall of the Celebration Room in our Product Development Center.

People want recognition for their hard work and accomplishments.

It doesn’t have to be delivered as a prize, an award or applause.

And it doesn’t have to be delivered publicly.

It can be delivered in a private e-mail or note, in a quick conversation in the hallway or during a weekly check in meeting.

Recognition gives people support and encouragement.  It’s an indication of growth and achievement.  It tells a person that she matters.  That he makes a difference.

When it comes to recognition, more is better than less.  And it’s not complicated, though it can be.  A few words of caution and wisdom:

  1. While more recognition is better than less, specific is even better.  If the recognition is specific, the person has a better chance of a repeat performance.
  2. Be sure the “more” you are recognizing someone for syncs up with the “more” you want or need.
  3. You will get “more” of what you want or need if you are clear about your goals, expectations and desired results AND if you communicate these to your team.  This also makes #1 and #2 easier.


  • #1 Killer of Productivity: As managers, we are often disappointed by what people do or don’t do.  Along with anger, frustration and other assorted emotions, micro-management often follows.  Or a return to the “I’ll do it myself” mode. Either way,  productivity and morale usually suffer – that of the  manager and of  those who disappointed him.
  • 10 Ways to Make Expectations Clear:  When giving assignments or requesting help, most of us  just tell what we want done.  That’s good – but usually much more is needed.  The article will lead you to articles about best practices:
    • Clear Expectations at the Dean Dome
    • Clear Expectations at the Siena Hotel
    • Clear Expectations at Performance Acura
    • Clear Expectations at the Eden Roc Hotel

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