Want to boost business? Be serious about service.

By: www.BusinessClassInc.com

Jan has been asked to speak at the March meeting of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce Small Business Roundtable.

Here’s the announcement from their website.


If you want to boost business, be serious about service.

Many business owners spend loads of time, energy and money working to bring in new customers; and then miss or ignore customers who slip out the door and never come back for more.  Customers who were ready to buy, now headed down the road in search of a better customer experience, while posting ready-to-go-viral details of the bad one they just had.

The above situation is loaded with wasted resources and frustration for many; yet it presents a golden opportunity for businesses that are Serious About Service.

  • What if these defecting customers come to you in search of a “better customer experience”?
  • Will they get it?
  • What can you do to make sure?

Jan will share her special formula for delivering solid, consistent service; plus keys for successful implementation.

Participants will leave with a collection of tools and strategies, many of which can be implemented for little to no investment.

If you plan to attend, Jan asks that between now and then…

  • you pay closer than normal attention to the service you receive.
  • What’s good about it?
  • What’s not?
  • Please bring your observations to the session on March 6.

About the Presenter – Jan Bolick, is a teacher, coach and the owner of Business Class Inc.   Early life experiences taught her the basics of good service. Then, as manager of a small regional company that morphed nationwide, she found herself enrolled in an advanced program at The School of Hard Knocks.  There she developed a deep respect for the impact and nuances of customer service, a passion for the challenge of delivering it well; and a commitment to helping others learn the Knocks in a kinder, gentler way.

To find out more about Jan’s current work, visit www.BusinessClassInc.com or contact her via e-mail:  Jan@BusinessClassInc.com

This presentation is provided as a free service to Chamber members.  Non-members may attend for a fee.   For details and registration, use this link.



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