Quote of the Week for Presidents Day

By: Jan Bolick
February 20, 2012

For the first week of  American Heart Month, our featured quote was: Energy flows where attention goes“.  

And in week #2, we were reminded by Anne Frank that we didn’t need to “wait a single moment before starting to improve the world“.

So here we are at the start of week #3….on Presidents Day, the day on which we celebrate the birthday of America’s first President, George Washington .  He was also a farmer and a patriot.  An idea man.  A creator.  A man who did much to improve the world.  And a man who left behind many wise words, such as these.

Experience teaches us  that it is much easier  to prevent an enemy  from posting themselves  than it is to dislodge them  after they have got possession

As leaders of businesses and organizations, who are our “enemies”?

Could be a competitor, a  colleague or a rumor.

It could be negative energy or attitudes that lead to bad culture.

It could be poor health or bad habits that lead to it.

What “enemies” threaten your business?

Are you giving them the attention needed to prevent them from “posting themselves”?

If they have already taken hold, are you giving the attention needed to “dislodge them”?

Might be tough at first but the reward of a boost to morale and productivity will be worth it.

Don’t wait a single minute to use your positive energy to improve the world.

To  keep this concept top of mind – post the quote to your computer screen. See the easy instructions below.

More quotes from George Washington:

More for Presidents Day:  While Presidents Day was first intended as a celebration for Washington’s birthday, some people like to celebrate other Presidents at the same time.    If that group includes you,  check out this Presidents Day page which includes video and quotes from other US Presidents.

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