10 Ways to Be a Stronger Leader This Year

By: Jan Bolick
November 29, 2011

So maybe it’s not the best year ever…

but you want to make the most of what you have, right?

Which means protecting whatever revenue and earnings you have; doing your best to push through as many end-of-year deals as possible;

laying groundwork for next year; and if you still have a team, taking extra good care of them (and yourself) during December.

These things won’t happen if you let December craziness take charge. You must do so instead. Not in a Scrooge kind of way. But in a better manager kind of way.

The kind of manager that cares about morale AND productivity. The kind that knows how to take charge in effective ways….making things happen…and inspiring others to do the same. Inspiration that lasts long past December.

1. Decide what you really need done in December and what can slide a bit. For example a specific level of sales or collections.

2. If your business is a bit slow and there are no MUSTs, determine a few tasks or goals that would help you lay the groundwork or get a strong start in 2012. For example, purging files or piles.

3. Let everyone know what MUST be done, how much MUST be done and how this contributes to short term and long term goals.

4. Review progress toward these goals ( at least weekly).

5. Turn the MUST’s identified in #1 and 2 into a party…like a Clean Up Day, Filing Party or Calling Party.

6. Offer a special December bonus that rewards progress toward or achievement of the items in #1-3.

7. Invite each person to decorate his/her desk according to own holiday traditions.

8. Have a team meeting to Document and Celebrate 2011.

9. Take on a team holiday project – like sponsoring a family, collecting toys or blankets.

10. Bring in a bowl of apples. It’s good energy food.

*Note: 10 by 10 on Tuesday (also know as a Quick List) is a weekly feature is for managers who don’t have time or don’t want to make time to read lengthy articles or even short paragraphs. Here you will find 10 tips or questions or steps or ways to Get 2 Goal or Be a Better Manager, etc). And it will be posted by 10 (AM – EST) on Tuesdays. Here’s our collection of Quick Lists to date.

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