October 15 is National Boss Day

By: www.BusinessClassInc.com
October 13, 2010

Boss DayAre you thanking your boss on Boss Day?  Not sure how to do it?

You could buy a fancy card or gift.  But really – a note of thanks would be more valuable to most.  You could start by simply thanking him or her for the job and the pay check.   Even better if you add something specific like some of the real life examples here:

You can write your note of thanks on a fancy card or on a plain piece of paper. 

Or you can share it in the Comments section below.   You can identify yourself and your boss – or tell the story anonymously.   Then send an e-mail to your manager with a link to this article and a note that says something like:  ” I hope you will go to this link.  Take a look at comment #2.  It’s a story about you.  Thanks, Boss.”

Just type your story in the comments box.  

If you’d like to do more than a note,  there are some good ideas here.

Can’t think of anything nice to say, how about discovering a different boss?

If YOU are a boss, how about  discovering a different boss?

“Different Boss” Discovery Tools:

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