The Value of Being Bored

By: Jan Bolick
June 24, 2010



Kristin Tucker, from The Trunk Club sends me good stuff to read.  Last week she sent the link to an article from Harvard Business Review and a note  that said:

“Relevant and perfect for Business Class.  Well worth the two minutes to read!”

How  did she know I was being beseiged by e-mail right then?  I responded to the nudge.  It took longer than two minutes but it was well worth it!


Well you know how we focus a lot here on improving productivity and morale?

You know…focus on the goal.   Create systems.  Work from a checklist.   Measure progress.  Set a timer.  Manage interruptions.  Buzz.  Buzz.  Buzz.

And then sometimes….

Sometimes it’s best  to go in a completely different direction.  Maybe even wander around.  Maybe even stop and do absolutely nothing.


But that would be so boring!!!

And could be so very valuable.  Here is an excerpt from the article Kristin sent  – on the value of boredom – written by Peter Bregman.

Being bored is a precious thing, a state of mind we should pursue. Once boredom sets in, our minds begin to wander, looking for something exciting, something interesting to land on. And that’s where creativity arises.

My best ideas come to me when I am unproductive. When I am running but not listening to my iPod. When I am sitting, doing nothing, waiting for someone. When I am lying in bed as my mind wanders before falling to sleep. These “wasted” moments, moments not filled with anything in particular, are vital.

They are the moments in which we, often unconsciously, organize our minds, make sense of our lives, and connect the dots. They’re the moments in which we talk to ourselves. And listen.

To lose those moments, to replace them with tasks and efficiency, is a mistake. What’s worse is that we don’t just lose them. We actively throw them away.

…… I’m far more conscious now of using those extra moments, the in-between time, the walking and riding and waiting time, to let my mind wander.

It’s a lovely and funny article. In case you’d like to read it, here’s the link to Why I Returned My iPad by Peter Bregman.

And if you want more time to wander and still look great,  contact Kristin about The Trunk Club, a men’s clothing service that easily upgrades your wardrobe

And in case you need some support or reinforcement for the concept of wandering, put this quote  to work.  It’s from the Get 2 Goal section of our Quote Library.

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