A Memorable April Fools

By: Jan Bolick
March 30, 2010

Here are some memorable April Fools shenanigans from my past.  It all came out okay.  But I must point out that pulling this kind of nonsense wouldn’t be a wise thing to do in  most offices these days.

foolOne year, I sent a memo to the staff saying I was resigning from the team. I thought surely they would realize it was a joke. But…they fell for it.

Fast forward to April 1 of the following year.  We had a staff meeting that morning and soon after it started, a police officer walked in and asked for Jan Watts (my name at the time).   I raised my hand, he came over, read me my rights and handcuffed me.

Then just as the music started, he took off his hat and put it on my head.

Oh my goodness.

The final result is pictured below.

Note that we did a bit of  cover up.   I mean, like, what if this guy’s wife and children don’t know he used to be a stripper?

So – anyway –  you’ll see we did this  by using some the notes colleagues sent to me after it was all over.

They had waited an entire year for pay back time!

And they got it.

Good for them!

Can you imagine the fun they had scheming on this one?

What a great team building exercise!

And I didn’t have to do anything.

Except blush.


One last thing.

Six days later…I received an official notice from our landlord, a man in his early 60’s who didn’t put up with nonsense.  Yes sir.  He was very serious about taking care of his properties and his clients.  Anyway – here is the official notice.  Word for word.


TO: Jan Watts

FROM: Mr. White

SUBJECT: Strippers in the Building

It has come to my attention that strippers conducting lewd and lascivious acts were observed in the confines of this building. I simply wanted to let you know that this is not company policy and further, if such actions take place in the future everyone should be notified so that everyone can witness such acts.


What wonderful customer relations.  We appreciated and respected him before, but after this, we adored the very wise,  Mr. White.

One more thing…

it just hit me…we never finished that staff meeting. I’d better go round everybody up!

Meanwhile – what about you?  Do you have any memorable  April Fools experiences to share?

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